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Services and usage

What is OzDocsOnline?

OzDocsOnline enables patients to ask their GP for the following services online:

  • Appointment bookings
  • Prescription
  • Pathology results
  • Referrals
  • Consultations

Practices will choose some to all of the above services to offer. To find out which services a practice offers, search for the practice on our main page and then go to the 'Online Services' tab on their practice page.
Note: All requests are confidential between the patient and the practice. And apart from appointments, only the GP contacted will have access to the requests.

My GP told me to come here to get X request or book an appointment, what do I do now?

So you want to make a online request or book an appointment? This is what you need to do:

  1. Find your practice using the search function on our home page.
  2. Create an account by putting in your details. Note: This has to be the same as the information your practice has on your file.
  3. Go to your email and wait for the set password link. Set your password and it will log you in.
  4. From the left hand menu, select a request that you want to make. The wizard on each page will step you through making a request. You are going to be asked to pay at the end of the process an amount set by the doctor.
  5. If this was for a online appointment, you are done.
  6. Otherwise, OzDocs will send you an email notification when your doctor responds and then you can login to check the response. (Please do not create another request, just go into the Inbox to read/reply to the response.)

I've made a request, when do I get my response?

Short Answer: When your doctor responds, you will receive an email notification. For a typical request, this should take no longer than a couple of days.

Long Answer: Most requests are answered quickly. However, sometimes requests are not answered because a doctor is away or the request is urgent. Do NOT use OzDocsOnline for urgent requests. If you suspect it's taking a unreasonably long time, please contact your practice to enquire about it and they should either provide you with an answer or a full refund.

Can I claim Medicare on these services?

No. OzDocsOnline is not supported by Medicare Australia and thus all requests are out of pocket expenses. In the vast majority of cases, the amount spent on a request (avg. $20) is less than the time, petrol and other costs involved in a practice visit.

Accounts and Sign in

My username/email/password doesn't work. Help!

There can be a number of things wrong. Please try these suggestions out:

  1. Use the Sign in Problems? link to send your self a password reset.
  2. If you're using an email address, it could be that the email is used by more than one account, in this case, use your username. If you don't know your username, use the Sign in Problems? link to send your username to your email.
  3. If you've signed up a while ago but didn't set your password and now that link in the email doesn't work, you can also use the reset password option mentioned above.
  4. If you're getting some weird errors or if the page does not show any error, then try a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

I've tried all the above suggestions but it still doesn't work.

Please Contact Us and be specific about the issue you see. It is difficult for us to diagnose an email that says "I tried to sign in but it doesn't work". Rather, say "I'm a patient of PRACTICE-NAME and when I tried to log in using my username _____, it gave me the following error ... "

Ops! I've created an account but mistyped/put the wrong email address in.

That's ok, just create another account. If it's for the same patient and that patient hasn't activated the account, then it will delete the old account with the wrong email and create a new one hopefully with the correct email this time.

Do I have to create an account for each of my 5 children?

Short Answer: Yes. But you can use the same email address so all notifications go to your one email.
Long Answer: Each account is linked to a registered patient of the practice so if you're making an appointment for a dependent, it needs to come up in your dependent's name. For this to work, every patient must have their own separate account. Typically in this scenario, we recommend users to use their username/password to login. Your username is given to you when you create an account and you can ask for it at anytime through the Sign in Problems? link.