The Cottage Surgery blends traditional values of holistic care from cradle to grave with modern medicine. The practice has been operating in its current site for over 50 years. The original house has been recently renovated to allow our patients access to a wider range of services. We have male and female doctors, 3 nurses and friendly staff. We have strong patient loyalty and good links with the local community.

When booking appointments, please:

- do not use in an emergency eg chest pain, acute pain, breathing difficulties

- book a long appointment for * multiple and complex issues

                                                * cervical screening (pap smears)

                                                * Implanon insertion/removal

- call the office to arrange childhood vaccinations, health checks, special tests

- make a separate appointment for each person seeing the doctor

- online appointments are available for Dr Kiril Goring-Siebert, Dr Catriona Davies, Dr Sylvia Joseph, Dr Penny Burns and Dr Annalisse WIlliams.

- for appointments for children, you will have to create a seperate account. An account can be created using the same email and password as the parent, but an email needs to be sent to support@ozdocsonline.com.au with full name of child, date of birth, email and address.

- please call or arrange a follow up appointment for results 2-3 days after having tests.